Сamo smock blouse Splinter variant 2

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Camouflage smock (blouse) of the Heer and Luftwaffe "Splinter" (Splittertarn).

Dark base color camouflage (spring / summer), plain and dull color range. The smock has no hood, has the correct fasteners on the cuffs with metal buttons and slots on the chest for access to the pockets of the uniform. The reverse side is white, which is authentic: the fabric for smocks was dyed on one side only, and the other side remained white, so the smock could also be used in winter for camo purpose.

Used by snipers, machine gunners and simple soldiers of the Heer and the Luftwaffe.

How to choose your size?

To measure the length and the girth you need a flexible meter, or at least a rope. You can compare data from table below with any smock that you have that fits you.
• Chest - the girth of a bare chest, which fits into this smock with regard to the tunic worn, waist of these smocks = chest; the size in brackets is the width of the chest on the smock, laid on the floor.
• Sleevespan - a smock is flat on the floor, the sleeves are laid out to the sides, between one end and the other; the size in brackets is the same, but between the cuffs (the sleeve extends next to cuff for a wrist lenght to close it completely: the smock was originally intended for snipers).
• Length - the full length of the smock along the back; size in brackets - length from the collar to the waist. Other lenght never in stock!

The main size of the smock is the chest girth. You need to start with it. Other sizes either depend on it or are listed for reference. If you choose the size according to the principle “well, I wear L”, then you can be mistaken, because L is a conditional size, which means simply “large”.

Compliance is true for this product only!
Iternational sizeRussian size
Chest, cm
Sleevespan, cmLength, cm
104 (72)
190 (158)78 (53)
108 (74)
200 (166)
80 (53)

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there. Other sizes may appear later.