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Ankle-boots Germany 1937-45

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Shoes are sold without shoelaces! You can find laces in related products and buy them from us or buy separately.

Firm replica for reenactment. Thick and resilent leather.

This is early model with 4 pairs of hooks and 5 pairs of holes for laces. Dense undyed leather is directed flesh side out on front detail.

Please determine your size before the purchase! You should know that a foot is held in a boot by instep, not by finger set agaist the nose of the boot. Add to this that boots get smaller after some use (leather items tend to shrink with time). I. e. you shouldn't take a close size, you'd better take plus size.

Color is brown. Shoes can be painted black. This will ensure they have always beautiful appearance. If the shoes are not dyed, their front part will become almost black in time from contact with dirt, but the top will retain the color. Shoes in brown look authentic, but not always beautiful.

We don't offer any boots treatment service.