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German boots with gaiters

$ 175.8
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A custom-made copy of shoes and gaiters a larger than average instep. Genuine leather. Original steel iron-heels and nails. Well-conditioned strong pair, always threated with grease, never dried up. Boots and gaiters are worn (second-hand). Reason for sale: size; no hidden defects.

The insole size is 276 cm (objectively this is 41-41.5 EUR size). Initially, shoes were sewn as 42 EUR size, but leather shoes are shrinking with time, and now they are suitable for 250-264 mm foot, no more.

The size of the gaiters is 30-38 cm around the ankle, this also needs to be considered when buying. Gaiters fit shoes in size if you are of average size (not large, and not skinny people).

Price for a pair of boots and gaiters. Gaiters can also be purchased separately from us, see below in the "recommended products".