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Paratrooper helmet 1938

$ 76.9
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Not expensive copy of the 1938 model helmet. Such helmets were used by German paratroopers. Neatly made liner, firm assembly, smoth enough but not ideal edge rolling. Early screws for the horn-key (were used during the first half of the war). Weight 1.2 kg.

The helmet is equipped with a liner and chin strap, it is ready to use. This is a copy of the helmet, steel in not hardened. It is designed for reenactment, airsoft, paintball and film production.

Size 71/59 (suitable for head 59, can be used with head size 58 and 60).
No other sizes available and won't be in stock!

We have helmets, painted in Luftwaffe gray (suitable for helmets of the beginning of the war) and in dark green (for the second half of the war).