Heer mountain troops officer peaked-cap

$ 138.0
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Officer peaked-cap of the Heer mountain troops (Gebirgsjäger): a copy. Feldgrau (dim green, almost gray) top made of the officer gabardine fabric, dark green (bottle) band, green piping, metal signs, silver cord from metal wire (cold to the touch).

The color of the edging has a cold green tint, as the Gebirgsjäger should have, this is not salad-green (although salad-green has also encountered on mountain troops insignia). Metal insignia have a different shade of white metal. The eagle and cockade (leaves) have turned yellow from time and now these have a pale yellow color.

Size 58 (head should be from 57 to 58 cm in girth, you need to measure the head using flexible meter).

Another sizes by order, +50% to this price.