Soft field peaked cap of the SS officer

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The cap of an SS infantry officer, it is the so-called “soft” model. It is distinguished by the absence of a spring in the dome, the absence of any cord in front and a soft visor made of leather or synthetic material. The military officers liked the cap very much, because it could be put in a pocket or bag, it was easy to wear inside vehicles, it was a real field cap, and not a ceremonial headdress that required attention and care.

The peaked cap has field gray top, black velvet band, white piping. Visor made of genuine leather, with an additional synthetic waterproof coating on top.

Metal insignias are not installed on the cap, but are included (go with the cap). They are easy to install on their own with an awl. Metal signs are not high quality. They look good in the photo, so they are suitable for filming and reconstruction. However, they are not as neat and beautiful as the original ones.

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