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German high-boots 35 cm "shark nose" 1939-45

Boots are in stock! We send on the next day after your payment. You don't need to wait the manu..

$ 329.7

Ankle-boots Germany 1937-45

Shoes are sold without shoelaces! You can find laces in related products and buy them from us or buy..

$ 296.7

Heer/SS gray socks

Army wool socks, gray (not dark) colour with white stripes for size. Designed for wearing with Heer/..

$ 29.8

Socks made in Germany

High quality wool socks in dark gray with white stripes, indicating the size. A time-tested product,..

$ 23.6

Footwear grease

Grease for leather shoes. Rawhide shoes (and many other types of leather) after dyeing (or instead o..

$ 7.1

Hobnails for German boots (original)

Original hobnails for German military boots of World War 2. Nails are made of steel, not rusty, from..

$ 0.6

Laces of raw-hide leather

Laces made of raw-hide leather, natural color. Rawhide leather sustains repeated soaking and drying ..

$ 14.1

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