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German high-boots 1939-45

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Famous nailed high-boots of German soldier, essential boots of the Third Reich. "Shark nose" and wide shaft. Made of natural bull leather: nose detail directed flesh side out. This is to let nose not soak, if pores chocked out with grease properly. 

The boots are constructed faithfully in accordance to original examples. Complete with the “shark nose”, flesh-out vamp, flesh in heel (to keep the socks dry while on long marches if the boots were not properly conditioned), and rear seam.

The boots come in a natural color, cognac-brown as shown, but can be greased and dyed black upon request for an additional cost. We offer boots treatment service (blackening, grease) in another listing, look for it among the related products.

The soles of the boots come completely wood-pegged. Every sole is nailed with 30-40 6-facet nails (number of nails depends on size). Iron heels are original German-made. Every heel is nailed to the heel with 5 nails and then those nails are covered with a piece of leather to help secure it more.

Please specify your size before the purchase! The heel of the boot sits high, so at rest you will slide into the boot slightly, this is how the originals are meant to be. In an original German illustration on boot sizing, they are very clear that the toes should have plenty of room at the front of the boot, and if they are too close and scrunched up it is “Falsch” (incorrect). Boots get smaller after some use (leather items tend to shrink with time). You'd better take plus size.

The boots come with a one-year guarantee. We will cover split seams and heel irons that have fallen off. We will not cover damage due to improper leather care such as deformation, splits, cracks, heat damage due to being too close to a fire, and lost nails. 

Leather care is time-consuming, but essential in this hobby. The German soldier took care of all his equipment all the time. They were not his; they were Reich property. Not only that, they kept his feet protected so he would make sure the leather was properly oiled and the soles maintained. That being said, you must take care of your boots! 

Marschsteifel, or commonly referred to as the jackboots, was the standard marching boot for the German soldier from the mid-19th Century to the end of WWII. The boots saw service in WWI as well as WWII with a few small changes. The boots we offer are of the 1939 style with the shortened calf. This shortening of roughly 5 centimeters was done to save material. 

These boots were used by everyone from the Heer, Luftwaffe, and the SS.