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German high-boots 1939-45

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Famous nailed high-boots of German soldier, essential boots of the Third Reich. "Shark nose" and wide shaft. Made of natural bull leather: nose detail directed flesh side out. This is not to let nose soak, in case pores chocked out with grease properly. 

The sole is assembled with wooden nails: a method used since the Middle Ages, but not survived the middle of the XX century. Each sole is nailed with 30-40 original 6-facet steel nails, German made (the number of spikes depends on the size). The iron heel and toe-plate is also original, made in Germany during the Third Reich era. It is fastened by 5 nails to the heel, and the attachment points are closed with a decorative piece of leather. The nails that can be seen on the heel hold exactly the decorative skin sheet, and not the iron-heel. Thanks to this, the iron can be completely grinded off, but will not fall apart.

The boots are made of vegetable tanned leather and painted black professional penetrating shoe paint. This is how shoes were made in Germany, it is a very expensive way. Сhrome tanned leather, submersive dyed leather (which is black both inside and outside) — was not used by the Germans! Take this into account when make your decidion choosing the boots. Keep in mind how the manufacturer can save at your expense. Our boots are made by German technology from the very beginning.

Please specify your size before the purchase! Measure both your foot lenght and insole lenght (take an insole from your old boots). There should be a room about 1/2 inch (1 cm) in front of your toe when you wear these boots. This is also shown in the original German illustration on boot sizing. Remember, boots get smaller after a year use (leather items tend to shrink with time). If you want to use thick socks or extra insole, you'd better take plus size.

Do I need to care for shoes? Sure!

You must treat the shoes with grease. You can melt any fat and wax (candle) in 1:1 ratio in a jar and soak the boot with this liquid, constantly warming up the boot over the fire. Or just put the shoe-grease over the top and the sole and let it soak up within 24 hours. Do not use cheap shoe-creams — these are designed for civilian shoes and dissolve in water. After each wet, leather shoes must be treated again with grease or oil. Shoes with leather soles are not synthetic sneakers, leather soles will fall apart if they dry out!

Leather care is time-consuming, but essential in this hobby. A German soldier took care of all his equipment all the time. The uniform did not belong to a soldier; it was the Reich property! You should support it as well, putting grease or oil (you may use Johnson's baby as a light variant) every time after it got wet.

Tools for shoes dyeing and treatment. High-boots, smeared with a mixture of grease and paraffin (before heating and absorbing). Picture

The fat was absorbed, the surface was rubbed with rags, the sole became darker. Boots ready for first use. Picture

The boots come with the one-year guarantee. We will cover split seams and heel irons that have fallen off. We will not cover damage due to improper leather care such as deformation, splits, cracks, heat damage due to being too close to a fire, and lost nails.

We don't offer any boots dyeing or treatment service. But we sell high-quality both paint and shoe grease. 100 ml can of grease is enough for 3-4 times.

Marschsteifel, or commonly referred to as the jackboots, was the standard marching boot for the German soldier from the mid-19th Century to the end of WWII. The boots saw service in WWI as well as WWII with a few small changes. The boots we offer are of the 1939 style with the shortened calf. This shortening of roughly 5 centimeters was done to save material. 

These boots were used by everyone from the Heer, Luftwaffe, and the SS.