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Mountain troops extra ration / meal

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This ration was issued to German mountain troops (Jäger), who fights at the altitude over 1200 meters, as well as those far than the Arctic Circle. It was an addition to the daily diet.

The ration contains:

• Canned beef (338 g);
• Cookies "Union-Keks" (2 packages);
• Cigarettes without filter "Eckstein №5" (1 pack);
• Fruit bar "Felsche Fruchtriegel" (2 pc.);
• Dextrose "Impulsin" (1 pack);
• Chocolate "Manner" (4 bars of 50 g).

Total brutto weight 1120 g.

Ration is a great sweet addition to every reenactor's diet, not necessarily mountain trooper. It can be used as a set of sweets in the reenactment. It is more expensive to buy cigarettes or cookies separately.