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Assorted aluminum filled dog-tags

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Replicas of the aluminum German soldiers' dog-tags (ID disks) of WW2. High quality, copies from actually existing tags. Some have inscriptions on both sides (double-sided filling), such tags are more expensive than single-sided ones.

Explanation of information on dog-tags:

• SS-Verfügungstruppe 3./SS"DF "28 - the 3rd company of the SS Der Führer regiment, personal number 28 (veteran). Double sided.

• PZ. Jg. E. ZUG. Mot. Ss. POL. Div. 99 A - spare motorized platoon of tank destroyers, “Police” SS division (the 4th), personal number 99, blood group A (second). All the units where the soldiers came for training were spare or reserve (Ersatz), soldiers were given dog-tags there, with these tags they went to the front. Tags, as a rule, were not changed.

• 4 / SS-Pz. Aufkl. Abt. 11 2166 B - 4th company of the 11th SS tank battalion (from the 11th volunteer panzergrenadier division of the SS "Nordland", established in 1943 from various volunteer formations from the Scandinavian people), personal number 2166, blood group B (third).

• 3./G.J.R.138 31 B - 3th company of the 138th mountain Jäger regiment, personal number 31 (veteran), blood group B (third).

• 5 / Gb.Jr.R.100 6575 - 5th company of the 100th mountain Jäger regiment, personal number 6575.

• Ers.Span.Div.250 - token (250th) of the Spanish "Blue Division", personal number 1976. Spanish volunteers in the Wehrmacht.

• I.G./E.SS.-G. 14 - field artillery of the reserve regiment of the SS "Germany" (as part of the 5th SS division "Viking"), personal number 14.

• 1.Sch.Kp.mot.J.R.Gr.Dtschl. 182 0 - 1 rifle company (motorized) of infantry division "Great Germany" (Großdeutschland), personal number 182, blood group 0 (first).

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