Paint in a can for M35 helmets

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The paint is prepared according to the standards of the beginning of the XX century: powder dyes of natural origin (not synthetic) are mixed with aluminum oxide (it gives the desired roughness of the finished surface) on a high-quality varnish. Before mixing, the ingredients are ground in a special mill so that their particles are of a certain size. The paint is designed for high-quality restoration of German helmets when used strictly in accordance with the technology described below. One jar is enough for 1 helmet.

For simplified restoration of helmets, we offer paint tinted on the RAL scale in a spray can - see related products below. For painting buttons, hooks and other accessories suitable high-quality paint for modellers, such as Humbrol. And here we offer paint for museum restoration helmets.

Paint for M35 (1935-1940, apple-green) in a jar of 30-35 ml. Paint with fine grain is applied outside and inside the helmet. It forms almost flat surface of medium haze.

How to paint?

Before working, the paint should be thoroughly mixed to evenly distribute the filler. The filler gives texture to the coating. It is recommended to apply the paint with a sprayer with a top tank (other types of sprayers can be clogged with filler grains), a nozzle of 1.3-1.8 mm. If necessary, dilute with white spirit (Tikkurila Lakkabensiini 1050 was used during production of this paint). The paint covers the surface with one time without gaps.