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Cap for the German field bottle 1931/40 bakelite early

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The lid for the German flask model 1931 of black synthetic resin.

The appearance of resin lids was obviously connected with the reform of 1940, when a number of simplifications were made in the uniform and equipment of the German army. Such caps have been installed 1940-1941 (some 1942) by flask manufacturers marked MN (Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA)), W.A.L. (Westfalische Aluminum Industrie, Junger & Co., Lüdenscheid), H.R.E., M.K.L., S.S.L., ESB and other. Such caps are very often found with in veneer (they are also not quite rightly called "bakelite"), which were used by the German African Corps (DAK).

The cap has the same design as the earlier aluminum caps. In 1940, the Germans essentially made a copy of the aluminum cover from a cheaper material.

Our replica is also made of synthetic resin (the composition may be different). Price per set: cap, red rubber gasket (type with a hole in the middle) and peg (rivet).