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Insignia colour cloth

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Thin woolen cloth smooth fabric for all kind of insignia (collar tabs, shoulder boards), manufacture of clothes elements (tops of the Red Army peaked caps), edging and piping (i. e. trouser stripes) etc. We offer the most popular colors, we don't have other colours.
• Red is the color of the artillery of the German and Soviet armies, but is widespread in other armies of the world.
• Black - material for collar-tabs, shoulder straps and patches of the SS. It is possible to use it for German tank crew uniforms and headgear manufacture.
• Blue is suitable for German medics or NKVD USSR caps/trousers.
• Crimson - the infantry colour in the Red Army. A piece of 27x47 cm (about 12 sq. dm) remained in this colour.

We cut the fabric into rectangles of any size. The price is specified for 1 dm2 (square decimeter or 10x10 cm square or almost 4x4 inches square). There are no discounts for large volumes. We will not send free samples: you can buy 1 dec, it is not expensive at all.

How many dm2 in a cut? Examples of cuts:
Length, смWidth, смItem quantity (sq. dm)
3Full (1,5 m)45
10Full (1,5 m)150
25Full (1,5 m)375

Width of fabric is 1,5 m.