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Feldgrau cloth

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Price for 1 square decimeter (a piece 10x10 cm) of cloth. Nice offer for small parts producing. One running meter = 150 sq. dm and it cost as 150 sq. dm, no discount. We cut pieces of any size.

Fabric for German field uniform, field gray colour (actually cold shade of pale green). For tunics, overcoats and headdress.

How many sq. dm in a piece? Examples:
Length, mWidth, mSq. dm
0,5Full (1,5 m)75
1 running meterFull (1,5 m)150
2,5Full (1,5 m)375

To obtain price for a piece please write to "Quantity" field how many decimeters you need and push "Add to cart".

We sell no free samples. You can buy 1 sq. dm as a sample. We don't know how much you need for a field jacket. Please ask your tailor before purchase. Cut pieces are not to be returned.