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Front steel hook for Y-strap

Hook for German infantry Y-strap. Made in Russia. Steel, D&C stamps, matt grey colour coated. Su..

$ 10.0

Pin for Y-strap (long)

Pin (button, lug) for German soldier's Y-strap. For rear strap only (side straps had pins of less he..

$ 1.7

Pin for Y-strap / gasmask can

Pin (button, lug) for German soldier's Y-strap. For side straps (the rear strap had a longer pin). L..

$ 1.7

Rear hook for Y-strap

Rear hook for German Y-strap WW2, a replacement part for Wehrmacht and SS leather equipment. Made of..

$ 5.7

Screw for infantry Y-strap

Screw with nut for German soldier's Y-strap. Made of aluminum. Price for 1 piece (not pair). You nee..

$ 2.1

Clasp for a/gas can strap


$ 2.9

Hook for gasmask can

Original hooks to the German gas canister, made in Germany. We have 2 types:• steel with protective ..

$ 5.0

Kit for German bread bag

Russian description only is available at the moment. We are working on it. You can ask your question..

$ 7.2

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