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Leiber camo pants/trousers 1945

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Trousers to"Leiber" camo set. Sewn as model of 1944 trousers: straight pants with an updated waist tightenig system.

Read about creation and use of this uniform on the tab Historical Reference.

How to choose size?

Take a flexible meter or at least a rope. Make measurements as described below (using any pants that fit you well) and choose the size in the table.

Waist — the girth of the bare waist (waistline of these pants is below the navel and above the thigh, as in modern pants), the waist is tightened up to 8 cm by two tabs on the sides of the back;

Lenght — pants' lenght along the outer seam. All the pants are for height of 185 cm (6'1"; long enough). We do not have pants for another height! It's not difficult to shorten the pants, these are usual straight pants. The ends of the pants are tucked into the boots, so the length of the pants is not very important.

Measurements (cm)
Russian sizeWaist
4888 -8
5092 -8
5296 -8110
54100 -8111
56104 -8

You can select and put in the basket only sizes we have in stock. If you don't see there a desired size, that means it is not currently available. Perhaps it may appear later. We can bring an absent size by order (but it will be 25-50% more expensive).