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Cap 1943 blue-gray single button

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The color of the threads, cloth and lining may be slightly different from batch to batch (and from the photo), but always remains within the historical compliance.

Cap is made of bluish-grey cloth, very beautiful and noble color.

Cap produced by "Replika" in Russia. We carefully studied the original caps and created our own copy. We declare that it is the best copy of the M43 cap in the world (here it is necessary to consider that there were many variations of M43s, they were sewn on tens of the enterprises; seams, even length of the visor were a little different). At the same time our copy is very carefully sewn, the highest factory quality.

We put light and durable material in visors. It's like cardboard but it's not cardboard. Our material is reliable to aging and resistant to water (washing). The visor is soft, easy to bend, and when the cap is on the head, the visor he takes the form of a beautiful arc. It can be given the triangular shape (as happened with worn caps of veterans). The visor should be strongly bent for this — and it will remember the shape. The visor of our cap can not be broken.

The buttons on this cap are painted blue gray.

There are nice ink stamps inside the dome of the cap: size, year of production (1943) and the manufacturer's number in manufacturers' coding system of the Reich (RB.Nr.).

The blue-gray cloth is basic for the Luftwaffe — the air force. It was not only for pilots, but also for airfields personnel, anti-aircraft gunners and artillery of all kinds, paratroopers, and finally infantry in "Luftwaffen-Feld" units.

One-button caps were used in the Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe — air force) or in Feldgrau colour in the SS (Schutzstaffeln). In 1943, buttons were metal. Later Luftwaffe caps had flat glass or plastic button (usually gray-blue color), while in SS might have even cardboard buttons.