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Dot jacket variant 2

$ 55.0
Not available

Not expensive copy. "Herringbone" (HBT, Fischgrätmuster) fabric.
Jackets without packaging, look like new. Perhaps they were used on a mannequin, tried on, etc.

How to choose the size?

Use a flexible meter or at least a rope. Compare any jacket that suits you with the table below.
Chest - the girth of the bare chest under the armpits.
Shoulders - shoulders span (key size): from one sleeve to another along the shoulder seam and behind the neck.
Sleeve - sleeve length (along the longest side).

Measurements (in centimeters)
50100 ±25062
56112 ±25667

You choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. No other sizes and no restocking.

Dot suits were used in the Waffen-SS from March 1944 on. Original "Dot" jacket (in good condition) is estimated at $3500 among collectors. Prices are rising.