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Gray-green shirt 1943

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Pale green shirt with pockets. It's sewn after the same pattern as our gray knitted shirts. The fabric is breathable cotton. Natural horn buttons are installed, not cheap plastic ones!

Features of the original shirt are well copied: the shape and size of the pockets, long back, pointed ends of the collar. Factory quality, made on professional equipment at the sewing enterprise. Production "Replica", made in Russia.

We used fabrics of the same color, but different properties for this batch. Some sizes are made of knitted fabric (stretching) and some of cotton fabric (not stretching like a classic office shirt). We do not sew the missing sizes or from another fabric by order. Please choose from our stock. You can come and see, compare, try on.

The shirt is in very little quantity in stock, hurry up!

How to choose size?

You should take another shirt that fits you well. Lay it flat to the floor and make measurements using flexible ruler. The first, shoulder width (along the horisontal shoulder seam where shoulder straps should be, and behind the neck). This measurement is a key measurement, others depend on it. We give you also sleeve lenght and neck around for the information.

Measurements in centimeters
Russian sizeShouldersNeck aroundSleeve

Measurements in inches
Russian sizeShouldersNeck aroundSleeve
461'5" ⅓1'4" ¼
481'5" ¾1'4" ½
501'6" ⅛1'5"
521'6" ½1'5" ⅓
541'6" ⅞1'5" ¾
561'7" ⅔1'6" ⅛
581'7" ¼1'6" ½

The shirt with pockets appeared in 1943.