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Dot camo trousers/pants 1944-45

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Pants from the "Dot" suit.

2 side pockets, front pocket for a watch/compass. Pants can be worn with a belt or suspenders (you may have to sew more buttons to wear suspenders, buttons can be purchased from us or simply use conventional plastic). 2 tabs with buckles at the back for waist tightening (not recommended to take pants with the "skin-close" waist, otherwise it can be difficult to bend wearing them). The pants-legs have tabs; their ends go in the slots at the bottom of the leg. They do not allow pants-legs to lift up and pull them on the ankle at the same time.

To choose the size you need a flexible meter or at least a rope. Can be compared to any jacket that you have and suits you.

WA — waist around, the girth of the bare waist at navel level (these pants has high belt), the waist may be tightened up to 12 cm by two tabs on sides at the back;

PL — pants maximum length. We do not have other height-sizes! Pants-legs are to be tucked into boots, so the length of the pant-legs is not so important.

Measurements (in centimeters)
4684 -12
4888 -12
5092 -12
5296 -12106
54100 -12107
56104 -12

You choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there. Other sizes may appear later or we can deliver them by order (but it will be 25-50% more expensive).

Dot suits were used in the Waffen-SS from March 1944 on. Original "Dot" pants (in good condition) is estimated at $3000 among collectors. Prices are rising.