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Oberst sigarettes with filter

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Replica of "Oberst" cigarettes is a pack with an inner liner of chalk-overlay cardboard, with 6 cigarettes inside. They have a short filter and are packed with quality aromatic pipe tobacco. Yes, you can smoke them, although they are considered models for reenactment. Now you can share delicious authentic cigarettes!

Each cigarette is twisted by hand and has a corresponding stamp of the manufacturer on its paper. The excise stamp of the Third Reich is accurately copied and attached.

In German Wehrmacht rations cigarettes were mandatory item. During the war, the most cigarette packs contained 6 cigarettes. There were no special cigarettes for the Wehrmacht, usual cigarettes went to troops, which could be bought across the country. The most common were "Eckstein №5" and "Juno" cigarettes, but there were many other names.