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Winter jacket parka Splinter 1943-45 used

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Double-sided winter parka (camouflage and white, respectively). Used. The jacket is sewn from a thin material, similar in quality to the original. Authentic insulation from recycling. Germans processed old clothes from cloth, cotton and viscose, crushing it on the special machine and made a cloth (similar to a blanket of bad quality). This fabric they used for insulation of clothing.

This is a copy of the German company Sturm released of the late XX century, now they produce them no more (actually produce, but another quality). The original pebbled buttons (like, post-war production), authentic buttons from pressed cardboard (!) on the sleeves. We can say that this copy is closer to the original than other modern copies. In any case, for the money it is impossible to buy a copy closer to the original.


We have only one such jacket (they are no longer produced in this form) size 50. On the jacket there is a tag, where the size is indicated as 52/54: if the width of the chest is true, then there are no sleeves (short sleeves).
Measurements in centimeters:
sleeve length 58,
the length of the jacket 70,
length from collar to belt 40,
width (in chest and in belt, flat) 65,
shoulder width (at seams) 60,
shoulder length (seam) 20.

The original of this jacket (in good condition) cost more than $1000 among collectors.

The Splinter (Splittertarn) camouflage officially appeared in 1931 and was like the Italian camouflage of the late 1920s, only the spots were sharp. Sharp spots were used by the Germans in camouflage schemes in the Navy and on helmets at the end of the First World war. At first glance, the camouflage did not change until the end of its production. In fact, the changes took place: the shape of the spots slightly changed on fabric produced around 1940 and on. By the end of the war, the "rain" on camouflage became rare and didn't already form clear acute-angled areas. A blurred "Splinter" was made on the basis of the original "Splinter" in 1943, and then "Marsh" pattern.

German officers in the beginning of 1944. Two of them dressed in the winter jacket "Splinter" On the sleeve of the officer on the right (camouflage "Splinter" can be seen on the hood) sewn rare signs for camouflage clothing. Photo taken from the site