Hygiene set with the toothbrush, comb and the toilet paper

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Hygienic kit for German soldier of the Second World War reenactment. All items can be used for its intended purpose. The set is packed in the box 23х15 cm for parcels to the front (a copy) with the inscription Feldpost and postage stamps. The kit includes:

1) Towel with ink stamps.

2) Toothpaste Chlorodont or Doramad (by your choose) — specify in the comments when ordering, which toothpaste to send, if it is important for you.

3) Toothbrush with natural bristles and a transparent handle, such were very common at that time.

4) Kernseife high-quality soap in the Dreiring Seife package;

5) A bag of cotton with a green stripe for storing hygiene items;

6) A handkerchief (blue cell as the original);

7) A sachet against lice "Rusla Läusepuder", but with the usual baking soda instead of poison for lice;

8) Comb for removing lice;

9) Pocket hairbrush 12 cm;

10) A roll of toilet paper "Edelweiß" — a copy of the packaging for the Wehrmacht: with an eagle and a swastika.

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