Replika web-site is renovated

Replika web-site is renovated

We run new version of web-site today. It lets our customers to buy faster and easier: delivery is calculated before order is placed, delivery is available to every country in the world, invoices are sent immediately next to the order, some payment methods let to pay right after the order. There are order history, adress book on our site (you don't need to fill your address for every order) etc.

The new web-site is a new step for our shop. We have English version and prices in $ on the site now, this lets customers from many countries feel free buying at us.

Sure, there can be errors and inacuracies on the web-site during first week after start. We will be thankful to you if you will inform as by any mean about these. Probably site won't be working on some computers. It concerned with browser and other applications of the computer and we will examine every case.

To the case we made a new email address:

What will be with the old site? And the old email? The old site will be accessible on:

It will work, however information about items and prices won't get renewed. We will shut it down in some long-continued time. The old email address will be working too, and we will reply all messages but already from the new address

In view of transition to the new modern web-site we temporary decrease prices to many items. Don't skip it and welcome!