We work without delays

We work without delays

Our store continues its work as usual, relying on the work of the Russian post and government orders for commodity exchange. Commodity exchange within Russia and between countries is not violated, all orders are processed on time and sent the next business day after payment.

As practice has shown, there are also no delays in the delivery of items. Mail within Russia is delivered in the usual, previously verified time frame. International mail also crosses the border without significant deviations from the schedule.

Of course, we all need to understand that the number of transport runs in the world has now decreased, however, it's still enough for mail exchange.

We wish everyone to stay healthy, we ask you to follow measures to prevent the growth of diseases. We wish a speedy recovery to those unfortunately ill.

In our store, we continue to expand the range, and lay out new and interesting products. We believe that the pandemia will end, and reenactment and collecting will continue!