Helmet 1940 variant 1

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A good copy of the 1940 helmet, which was used by German soldiers throughout the war. Size 68/60. Very good shape of the dome without any distortion, well-made vents. Accurately reproduced steel liner and chin strap, durable assembly. The color is feldgrau, as it should be for helmets from 1940. Helmet weight 1.3 kg.

1. Dome shape: very, very good sphere shape, no complaints.
2. Ventilation holes: made along with the helmet using stamping method, its shape completely identical to the original.
3. Size: original sphere of size 68 is quite rare and expensive, the modest price is $250 for nice but bit rusty sphere with minimal dents (of course, without the liner, strap, paint and decals); in addition, the market offers a huge number of fakes made just from this helmet.
4. Liner reproduces the original in the smallest details, the size stamp (68 n.A./60) and manufacturer's stamp (B & C LITZMANSTADT) is in proper place. Skin is beige and already has spherical shape, just put on and go. Springs, as it should be, have rounded tips. The liner already has the patina, as if it's old. You can only find wrong shape of the rivets and the fact that under the skin there is no layer of felt. But it is not difficult to improve or you can leave it as it is.
5. Chin strap made of genuine leather of beige colour, it's set smooth (beige) side inside, and painted black on the outside, as it should be. There are marking R. Larsen Berlin 1939 on the tip, and aluminum buckle (that means the strap is one of "early"). Helmets, as it known, are often had been completed with parts of different years directly at the factory.

1. Not very smooth turning in the area of ears. Easily corrected with putty and a file if desired.
2. Leather part is stamped 59 inside (where it's not visible), although the actual liner size is 60.

If you want to modify the helmet, you can repaint it using our professional paint for German helmets, get the right texture and strength of the coating and install decals. If you need size 59, it is easy to get it by installing an additional felt pad under the skin part of the liner or (what is more correctly) narrowing (re-riveting) the inner band of the liner. You can replace the liner with a new one size 59, if possible.

The helmet is a copy for reenactment, it is not made of hardened steel. It is designed for reenactment, airsoft, paintball and filming.