Aged helmet Heer M40 camouflage, single-decal

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A copy of a German model 1940 helmet, finished "as it should be" and ready for reenactment or for a home collection. Single-decal (Heer eagle on the left). Size 60, other sizes are not and are not expected yet.

There is no original part in the helmet. We don't reveal origin of the parts and secrets of refinement, sorry. This is a nice ready-made item for reenactment with correct sphere shape and good detailing. Accurate hit in terms of price-quality ratio!

The helmet had been painted on the factory equipment, and later the tricolor camouflage was applied in a handicraft way (as it was in the original). The surface is textured, in the paint there are special small particles that make the surface rough, that is, less shiny, as on the original. The sphere has good shape. The metal of the helmet is not hardened; when struck, for example, with a hammer, it will bend. But nothing will happen from hitting the ground, either with a helmet or paint. The helmet is slightly "aged" (added effects of old dirt and even rust).

The liner bands are steel, has a dull matt color of old metal. The leather detail is correctly stitched (the extreme petal is cut, and the stitching line runs along the edge to the end of the petal). First the leather is sewn, and then the felt is sewn over the leather part, as it was on originals. Leather has the stamps of the manufacturer and the date of production. No size stamp.

The strap of the helmet has the correct length and geometry of the tip; neat lugs of the correct shape are installed. Lugs, like all metal parts on this helmet, do not shine with novelty, but are covered with a patina (the color of the old metal, without shine).