Museum quality SSh-39 helmet

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The sphere is original, the liner is an excellent copy.

Helmet history: the original helmet SSh-39 many years ago was converted for the "new" liner of the SSh-40 model. The helmet was stored in this condition in a military warehouse for decades. Nowadays, the helmet is returned to its original look: an excellent copy of the original model liner is installed, pre-war ink seals are added. The paint is original, the helmet was never repainted. But rivets, liner iron parts, of course, are painted in our time.

A magnificent copy for reenactment, difficult to distinguish from the original (because half this is original).

We have 2 sizes: 58 and 60 (all in speres of size 2). Size 58 can be worn as 57; size 60 as 59. We have no other sizes and never will be! We have only a few helmets. There may be none in this quality and look any more.

Size 58 has seal ЛМЗ — 40 г. рост 2 (Leningrad metal plant, size/height 2), and size 60 — ЗКО 1941 г. рост 2а (factory Red October in the city of Stalingrad, size/height 2a). The number 1 in the year 1941 is actually clipped 0. So it was that time, the historical fact: in order not to make a new seal in 1941, part of the rubber seal was simply cut off with a blade right at the factory, to make zero look like the one.