Italian camo cap

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Cap in Italian camouflage "telo mimetico". The fabric is cotton, "brushed" to look not new. 2 pairs of vents. Lining olive green.

Visor of standard length (6-7 cm), not shortened, an insert of soft, pliable and elastic material inside, it's based on leather and a special adhesive that prevents leather from degrading. The visor is not afraid of water, the cap can be washed in a washing machine (at 40°). The visor is impossible to break. If you bend it completely (180°), it will remember the shape. If you then unbend it, then it will straighten almost without a trace. The cap can be put in your pocket without fear of damaging the visor.

Lining olive green, with manufacturer's ink stamp, year of manufacture and size.

Historical reference.

Italian camo caps were not officialy produced for the SS. But soldiers might ordered them privately. They could be made of Italian cloth stocks or of used garment. Private makers coult take a standart M43 cap as a model or tropical or SS models.