Button 19 mm for field jacket zinc

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German uniform button made of zinc alloy. The copy of the 19 mm button that we have been waiting for! Its most important advantage is the way it is produced: it is assembled from several stamped parts, just like the original one. Modern manufacturers often pour buttons into the mold, which is cheaper, but incorrect; after all, the original buttons were always assembled from several parts, like our copy.

The button has on the reverse side the brand of the manufacturer R.P.K. without the year of production.

We sell buttons in three colors:
- feldgrau (pale green, close to the color of a field jacket) — buttons were painted in this color until 1940, they could be used until the middle of the war (1943);
- dark grey (often it still glistened hideously) — this color was used for buttons after 1942 (as well as for M42 helmets);
- without paint (gray-silver color of metal) — buttons could be unpainted (especially on the uniform of officers), and unpainted buttons can be independently painted white for winter uniforms.

Price for 1 pc. These buttons also have a wholesale price for a quantity of 100 pcs.