M40 super quality helmet

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Attention! Helmet with bullet hole.

Original combat M40 helmet, a bullet came right through. The helmet with its dramatic history, carefully restored to a new state, but the bullet hole is left as it was.

The helmet is re-painted in strict accordance with the German painting technology of the 1930s. Other restorers use modern paints that turn white when scratched and washed with a solvent. Our paint is radically different. Decal eagle Thin Wing (on a silver background) installed and fixed with varnish.

The liner is a nice copy. The correct felt is installed, the inner band is galvanized, the springs are painted. Manufacturer's stamp B & C LITZMANSTADT and size are on the liner, manufacturer's code on the chin-strap.

The helmet will be interesting for private collectors and museums. The size of the spheres 62 (SE62), the size of the head 55.