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Stitched leather for helmet

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Leather part from German M31 liners (copy). Size 59 (some have an ink stamp). The real size is probably 60 (because the leather should be installed tense and usually wet). After the purchase, you can (by yourself) alter the leather to a smaller size, for example, 56 or 57. The size of the leather detail allows you to trim (shorten) it along a flat edge (where it is attached to the rim) and make new holes for mounting on your rim. Felt is not sewn onto the skin.

The skin had been installed on liners, but was not in use (it was replaced by another). Condition and color can be seen in the photo. The color is beige or yellow (natural), and the shade must be chosen before purchase (next to the "Add to cart" button). If a shade cannot be chosen, then it is already sold out.