Enamel mug with decal Tale

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Mug with a decal of the city of Thale. Diameter — 10 cm, height — 9 cm. Year of production is unknown. This copy is a classic and untouched example of German enameled products of the mid-twentieth century.

The city of Thale in Germany (Saxony-Anhalt, Harz region) is famous for its products of steel. During the Second World War it was a large manufacturer of steel helmets (one of the five enterprises that ever made helmets for the Third Reich). During the war, the company was called Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (Ironworks Thale), and the helmets beared the ET mark, later — ckl.

During World War II, the metal plant and the city of Thale remained completely untouched. The plant fell into the Soviet occupation zone and from 1946 to 1953 produced buckets, barrels, enameled boilers for industry, etc.

Since 2007, the company is called THALETEC GmbH and continues its work.

Historical reference.

The mug was included in the standard field bottle of the Wehrmacht since 1931. From 1941 on, it could be painted in olive green. In 1943 steel mugs began to appear, that were slightly smaller in height and painted red primer and (not always) olive paint.