Patches of camouflage fabric Oakleaf Eichentarn

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Fabric scraps left over from production. Camouflage is one-sided (on one side is camo pattern, on the other side a pale gray or pale green shade of fabric). Dense cotton base (≈230 g/m²), saturated colors, resistant to fading. When burned, it turns into ash, no plastic! It is suitable for hats (for example, winter hats), winter clothing, repair of camouflage clothing, etc. It does not have a hydrophobic impregnation (it gets wet like a regular cotton fabric), but such impregnation can be applied to the finished product yourself, they are sold in the form of aerosols.

The pieces may have cutouts and cut edges. All the pieces have a slightly different shade (they were tested for the strength of color, they were painted, bleached, etc.). There are no whitish, degraded or otherwise damaged pieces, we threw them away; only usable ones are available. A slight discrepancy in shades may be observed (but all the colors are in their place). The fabric is sold in one lot "as is" and at a low price. We don't choose pieces on your behalf. We sell separately Oak Autumn (brown colors) and Oak Spring (green colors).

The composition of the lot "Oak Autumn" — 2 pieces of approximately 1.3 m²:
• a piece of full width 1.5 m and length 0.7 m, rectangular (appr. 1.05 m²);
• a piece of 0.7×0.4 m, rectangular (appr. 0.28 m²);

The composition of the lot "Oak Spring"  — 5 pieces of approximately 2.2 m²:
• a piece of 1.4×0.7 m, rectangular (appr. 1 m²);
• a piece of 0.8×0.3 m, cut outs on edge (appr. 0.25 m²);
• a piece of 1.4×0.3 m, L-shaped, cut outs on edge (appr. 0.45 m²);
• a piece of 1.4×0.1 m, long and narrow, cut outs on edge (appr. 0.15 m²).

If you want to sew something, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him before ordering. We don't know how much fabric you need for your product! Cuts of fabric are not subject to exchange and return.

You can put the camo option in the shopping-cart if it's in stock. If some option is not available, then it is sold out.