Dummy grenade M24 — bottle

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For a reenactor or home collector  — just a bomb (sorry for the pun)! Perfectly executed dummy M24 grenade (all parts are made anew in our time), which inside contains a flask for 100 g of liquid. It may warm the body and soul at winter events. Allows you to have a spare sip of water during summer events.

The head and bottom of the dummy are made of steel, as in the original. The inscription VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN (insert the detonator capsule before use) is stamped (as on a real grenade). On the "head" there is an eagle of military acceptance, stamped on metal, as it should be in the original grenades. The handle is wooden. The bottom cover is the cover of the flask (bottle).

A unique item, we hava a relatively small number.