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Small shovel of the Red army with the WW2 stamp

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The original shovel of the Red Army, military issue. Perfect condition, from storage, from military warehouses. We have 2 shovels:

• A shovel with an ОМЗ.43 stamp with a rivet on a pipe for a cutting, has dents on one side of the blade (they chopped something hard with a shovel), this can be seen in the photo.
• The shovel with the ОТК ГМЗ 1944 stamp with a welded pipe for a cutting does not have any dents (it is sold more expensive).

Weight 740 g.

The shovel of this design (the handle is secured by two screws on the side) was introduced in 1942 Before that time, the Red army used a shovel with crimp ring on the handle. The shovel has a name MPL-50. 50 is the length of the shovel in centimeters, not the year of production, and the MPL is "malaya pekhotnaya lopata" (small infantry shovel).