Small entrenching tool USSR

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Shovel model 1942, manufactured in the 1980s for the Soviet army. It differs from the military sample just as much as the products of different batches of military release differ; that is, there is almost no difference between them. The photo shows how similar the shovels that are offered here are to the shovels of the war (for comparison, the original shovel with stamps for 1944 is given).

The shovel can be used in the reconstruction of the Red Army. Weight 740 g.

We have 2 categories of shovels at different prices:

• "Clean" shovels (these are signed 1986 in the photo) have a neat stamp (which is not typical for military shovels), so these are sold cheaper.
• “Dirty” shovels - look dark in the photo, with oiled handles, and we compare them in the photo with shovels in 1944. They have an “old” appearance and look very much like military-made shovels, so they are more expensive. They bear various stamps of the 1980s.

The price is for 1 shovel with a stamp of 1980s. The 1944 stamped shovel is shown for illustrative purposes only!

Historical reference.

The shovel of this design (the handle is secured by two screws on the side) was introduced in 1942 Before that time, the Red army used a shovel with crimp ring on the handle. The shovel has a name MPL-50. 50 is the length of the shovel in centimeters, not the year of production, and the MPL is "malaya pekhotnaya lopata" (small infantry shovel).