Camouflage fabric textile Marsh/Swamp 1943

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One-sided camouflage material for winter jackets and summer anoraks. First appeared in late 1943 or in 1944, as one of the experiments in the transition from the Splinter to the Swamp camo in the Heer. It was used along with the usual Splinter, but very few clothes in such camouflage were produced.

Basis: 100% cotton, plain weave. Other natural bases (linen, herringbone, diagonal, other density) are also available. Width 1.5 m, density (weight) 260 g/m². When burning turns to ash, no plastic! Suitable for caps, camouflage blouses, winter clothes, covers, as a tablecloth. It can also be used as a tent, but fabric for tents is usually denser and heavier. This fabric gets wet in the rain. To improve the hydrophobic properties, you can independently apply the impregnation after the purchase (in the washing machine or from an aerosol can). It must be understood that no natural fabric, except for special tents or wind-jackets, has hydrophobic properties (absorbs water). The fabric on German winter jackets and Soviet quilted jackets "Telogreyka" willingly absorbed water.

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Price for 1 running meter of finished fabric when producing a batch of 30 meters. 1 running meter in this case is a piece of fabric 1x1.5 meters. Different camouflage options can be included in one order (from 1 meter of each type), and you can also include shades and variations of the same camouflage. An increase in the number of variations affects the complexity of order execution, so the cost of a "partitive" order will be increased relative to the proposed price. And vice versa, the price for 30 meters of the same camouflage will be reduced (discount provided). 3-5% shrinkage of fabric, which entails a reduction in the footage of the finished fabric, is not a basis for a discount or partial refund.

We can print from 1 meter, but much more expensive. The costs of industrial chemistry and the labor of workers for printing a small amount are still very high, so it is more profitable to print a batch of 30 meters. Printing an order of one meter (for example, as a color proof) costs around 140€ ($160), printing 10 meters — around €460 ($540), printing a batch of 30 meters (at the price indicated on this page) — around €680 ($780).

If you want to sew something from the fabric, before ordering, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him. We do not know how much fabric is needed for your product! Cuts of fabric are not subject to exchange and return.

Most likely, you will want to hold the fabric in your hands as a probe. Probes are available at a price of €2,5 ($3) per piece. The cost of the probes will be refunded when ordering camouflage from the probe (the order amount will be reduced by the amount of the probe previously purchased).