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Military style

T-shirt gray — grenade M24 print

A gray cotton t-shirt with a print (image) of a German hand grenade of World War 2, model 1924 (Stie..

$ 23.4

T-shirt green — grenade M24 print

Olive-green cotton t-shirt with a print (image) of a German hand grenade of World War 2, model 1924 ..

$ 23.4

Afrika cap by Replika

Heer tropical cap of the German Afrika Korps, as well as the troops of the southern front (Italy, Gr..

$ 23.6

Cap 1943 black Replika

Cap produced by "Replika" in Russia. We carefully studied the original caps and created our own copy..

$ 29.8

Russian Army cap Flora since 1998

Cap from dense cotton fabric in a camouflage "Flora". It has turn-down ears, along with the backseat..

$ 2.0

Neckerchief (used)

Neckerchief from soft knitwear of dark olive color. Suitable for the reconstruction of the costume o..

$ 7.9

Нет в наличии
Work uniform/underwear of the USSR

A set of warm underwear (pants+shirt) with a fleece of pale green color from the warehouses of the U..

$ 22.0

White officer gloves

The length from the beginning of the palm to the end of the middle finger is 20 cm, the width of the..

$ 9.4

Suspenders for German trousers V-shape

Very nice copy of suspenders, production: "Replika". The original elastic 35 mm, neatly reproduced l..

$ 23.6

Soviet gas mask ShM-41 w/ filter and bag

Gas mask ШМ-41 with filter ЕО-12 in a bag, size 2. To select the required growth of the helmet-mask,..

$ 28.3

Pouch RKKA — the bag for shag

Copy of "kiset" — a pouch for shag and smoking accessories. A common thing of a Red Army soldier. Ci..

$ 14.9


A teaspoon of stainless steel, made before the WW2 or during the war. VKPS is the All-Union Cooperat..

$ 22.8

Stamps for metal: numbers

Digits (numbers) from 0 to 9 for work on metal and softer materials.Pin size 8x1x1 cm, font 4 mm hig..

$ 23.6

Stamps for metal: Russian font

Capital Cyrillic letters from А to Я (no digits included) for work on metal and softer materials.Pin..

$ 23.6

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