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Officer waist belt brown

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Brown belts were considered chic by German officers, especially after all the equipment was ordered to be repainted black.

The colour of this Heer/SS/Luftwaffe officer belt is dark-brown. The waist belt is made of thick and hard bull vegetable tanned leather, which has a deep brown color on the outside and on the edges after treatment during manufacturing process. The buckle is the original German, granulated outside, so as not to glare in the sun. The size is marked the tip, the manufacturer's stamp is pressed out near the buckle.

How to choose your size?

Put your jacket or overcoat (or jeans) on, depends on what you want to wear the belt over. Take another belt, tighten comfortly and mark its buckle position. Put it off, lay it flat and measure the marked lenght. Let it assume you got 89 cm. 1 inch = 2,54 cm. The girth for this belt is 77-95 cm and the lenght of 89 cm falls into the middle of the gap. That is, this belt fits on a girth of 89 cm.

Size chart
Belt size
Girth, cm

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