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SS parka/anorak full lenght opening, Italian camo

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Winter parka (late model) of the Waffen-SS in Italian camouflage. The photo also shows the fabric, which was used for sewing. Artificial fur "raccoon" (beige) and "fox" (violet shade gray).

How to choose the size?

Usually, German winter and camouflage clothing was made in only three sizes: small (I), medium (II) and large (III).

On the product photo: size II (medium) is worn on a person who usually wears Russian size 52 or L, XL. Height 180 cm, chest around 100 cm, shoulder width along the top 45 cm, girth 98 cm. The parka is worn over the summer set, as as it should be.

You can choose the size remotely using the table below. To measure your chest you need a flexible meter or at least a rope. Also measure similar winter jacket that fits you.

Explanations to the table:
• Bare chest girth — the maximum around measurement of bare chest (while inhaling), you need to measure on the widest part of the chest.
• Jacket size you wear — corresponding clothing size in Russian and international units. The parka is sewn taking into account that it is outerwear! No need to add "size for a sweater".
• Shoulders of parka — shoulder width from sleeve to sleeve and behind the neck along the shoulder seam; this is a very important size, use it to compare with a similar jacket you already have.
• Sleeve of parka — sleeve length along the longest side.
• Back lenght of parka — the length of the back from the collar to the bottom (in brackets: down to elastic waist), without hood. Please remember that the parkas on original photos often reached the knees when worn, they were quite long. We offer no other lenght!
• Chest / waist of parka — the width of the chest and waist of the jacket (at the level of the armpits and elastic band, respectively), when the parka lies flat on the floor. The jacket is designed to be worn over the uniform. And the fur park is quite larger than, for example, an overcoat of the same size. Because the overcoat is roughly 0.5 cm thick, and the jacket with fur is 7 cm thick.

You need to start by measuring the girth of your bare chest, and then compare the winter jacket you have with the selected parka size by shoulders size. Other sizes are for reference. If you choose the size like "well, I wear L", then you can make a mistake, because L is the conditional size, which means simply "Large".
Compliance is true for this product only! Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches
Size of the parka
Bare chest girth, cm
Jacket size you wear
Shoulders of parka, cmSleeve of the parka, cmBack lenght of parka, cm
(in brackets - down to waist)
Chest/waist of parka, cm
I91 - 10046 - 50 (XS - M)486098 (48)
62 / 44
II101 - 11152 - 54 (L - XL)5465105 (51)
68 / 51
112 - 12256 - 60 (2XL - 4XL)6070112 (54)74 / 58

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call to us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there.

The SS fur parka was designed as a uniform for the polar regions, and there it was tested. The first model was shorter and  had a hood of smaller volume. It differed in some minor details too. The new model (the longer one) appeared on the front in winter 1942/43. A lot of photos of SS soldiers in this uniform taken during the fighting for Kharkov, so 2nd model parkas often called "Kharkov parka". 

After studying the experience of using the 2nd model parkas, the SS decided to make it with front completely open, with buttons from up to the bottom. This simplified the process of dressing and allowed to wear it open, in case a soldier was hot after active movements.

After the allies landed in Italy, the Germans expropriated the military depots of the Italians and used their fabric stocks for sewing military uniforms. So appeared parkas, overalls etc. in Italian camouflage.