Leather waist belt light-brown

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The waist belt made of tight and resilent bull leather. Leather is not pressed, but natural (we use only vegetable tanned skins for our belts). It's calibrated down to 4 mm thickness. Smooth side of leather is inside, that sets German leather equipment apart from for example Soviet. Leather parts are hewn. The belts bear stamps Anton Kreisel, Ludenscheid, 1939 and L.B.A.

The belt is sold without a buckle. You can buy a buckle separately on our website. It's impossible to wear the belt without a buckle. We offer all basic buckle types (Wehrmacht, SS) made of steel or aluminum as well as rare buckles. If you need a tab for a buckle you can buy it separately. You can wear a buckle without a tab (tabs for some buckles are not obligatory).

The leather has natural colour (wooden, brown-beige). The belt is already saturated with a special skin cleanser that gives the skin a noble matte sheen. Aluminum hook with oLc stigma (this manufacturer also made Luftwaffe buckles).

The belt must stand weight of equipment and not slack, that's why it is rigid enough. Cheap copies of these belts are usually soft (and this is inadmissible for such belts). Cheap copies often made of chemical (for example chrome) but not vegetable tanned leather. We use exclusively vegetable tanned leather, as it was in the original.

How to choose your size?

Put your jacket or overcoat (or jeans) on, depends on what you want to wear the belt over. Take another belt, tighten comfortly and mark its buckle position. Put it off, lay it flat and measure the marked lenght. Let it assume you got 102 cm (39 ½ in.). Look to the chart below: 102 cm is in the middle of gap 96-108 cm for belt size 110. You should take this size. Sizes 105 and 115 also fit you but you won't be able to wear 105 over winter uniform or to tighen 115 if you wear harder equipment.

Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches.

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Historical reference.

Light brown belts were used in the Reichswehr and in the Wehrmacht before the war, and during the war in the cavalry and the Air Force units. Most often, the belts were made of unpainted leather (beige or pinkish milky colour), which slightly darkened with age. Some belts were painted, giving the skin a woody hue. Some belts were also produced in dark brown (chocolate) color.