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Sinthetic belt with brass buckle Soviet army

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The original army belt of the Soviet Army made of a canvas sling covered with rubber mastic (skin-like) on the front side. A steel buckle included. Manufactured after 1970. The star with hammer and sickle is on the buckle. Size 1 for the waist up to 105 cm (41⅓ in), size 2 at the waist up to 120 cm (47¼ in). There's theoretically no lower limit for the waist size, as the belt has a smooth length adjustment.

Suitable for everyday wear, use for its intended purpose, the reenactment of the Soviet army and Patriotic holidays.

Worker-Peasant Red Army (red army) became known as the Soviet in February 1946. Belts of this design were leather; canvas; canvas with rubber coating and fully synthetic. The buckle was brass, steel painted in a khaki color or zinkated steel.