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Equipment, belts

Combined bag for grenades/shovel

Bag made of cotton fabric, designed to carry grenades F-1 or RG-42 over the blade of a shovel. The p..

$ 18.6

Carrier for shovel RKKA

Cover of coarse khaki tarpaulin, clasp is the wooden boss and leather loop. Suitable for all types o..

$ 12.2

Carrier for shovel RKKA original

The color of the covers is different, it may differ from that in the picture. It can be lighter, dar..

$ 10.0

Carrier for shovel USSR

Afterwar made carrier. It passes for all types of small spades with blade width up to 18 cm (7 inche..

$ 5.7

Not available
Screw for Tokarev bayonet

Screws (bolts) for handle plates fastening to a SVT (Tokarev) bayonet. Original screws could not be ..

$ 5.7

Thread for leather

Price for 1 meter (≈39⅓ inches).Cotton thread for leather. Width 0.8 and 1.3 mm (you should choose b..

$ 0.4

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