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Steel helmet SSh-40

A soviet helmet for WW2 reenactment. This is an original helmet from military stocks: model 1940,..

$ 12.9

;Budyonovka; 1927 infantry

"Budyonovka" is made of gray cloth and has crimson-colour star. Service branch: infantry. A metal st..

$ 27.2

Budyonovka 1927 border guards

"Budyonovka" is made of gray cloth and has a green star (service branch: border guards). A meta..

$ 28.5

Panama-hat for hot climates USSR 1938

Made of cotton fabric with thin padding, leatheritte band inside around is aginst sweat, red star of..

$ 27.2

Side-cap RKKA command staff

Side cap "pilotka" of Red Army for WW2 and pre-war years. High-quality replica made of dark-green cl..

$ 21.5

Side-cap USSR for events

Side cap "pilotka" made of cotton diagonal fabric khaki colour. Enameled red star attached to the ca..

$ 4.3

Decal star for soviet helmet

We developed this decol using computer modelling. Proportions are accurate, star is absolutely simme..

$ 2.1

Red star for USSR side-cap

Metal star, red enamel, with claws. Diameter 24 mm. Afterwar soviet made. May be used for military g..

$ 0.4

Star for USSR side-cap: green

Metal star painted green, with claws. 24 mm in diameter. Afterwar soviet made. May be used for milit..

$ 0.7

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