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Cloth for USSR shoulder boards and uniform

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Cloth of special swamp color for collar tabs, shoulder straps of the Red army. Also suitable for sewing cloth side-caps "Pilotka" and commanders' tunics. The width of the fabric is 1.5 m (59 in).

The price is for piece 10x10 cm (square decimeter or We cut pieces of any size. We offer no discounts for large pieces (or for the amount of 1 running meter).

How many in a cut? Examples of cuts:
Length, смWidth, смQuantity (
3Full (1,5 m)45
10Full (1,5 m)150
25Full (1,5 m)375

Enter the number of in "Quantity" field, this value is used for price calculation and this quantity you will get in the parcel. We also recommend you to enter the length and width of the piece in the text box. 8 it is a piece of 20x40 cm or 10x80 cm, different sizes but the same square. Only you know what you will make of this material and what cut you need. 

We do not send free samples: you can buy 1, it is quite inexpensive.

Fabric cuts are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If you are not sure about the color/texture — buy a small piece first.