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Telogrejka; padded pants

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Original army cotton padded pants mod. 1932, sewn after the war (1970-s), suitable for reenactment. Sizes are listed as "рост" ("rost" or height). It's the Soviet system: the higher the number, the greater the size (fullness) and the height. Now available in size (height) 5 only (it's Russian sizes 50 and 52).

Pants' waist is 105 cm (41⅓ in) (waist can be tightened by a built-in strap at the back). We do not recommend you to take skin-close pants, recommended bare waist in the navel area for these pants is up to 100 cm (39⅓ in). Total length of the pants (in a straight line along the side seam) 114 cm (45 in); length of leg (from the fork down) 75 cm (29½ in).

Pants are new, unused, from stock.