Pants trousers of Italian tent used

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Pants in the Italian camo "Telo Mimetico" (telo mimetico in Italian means simply "camouflage fabric"). Made from the original tent fabric. They are tailored as straight trousers, but with two shorts on the sides and loops for a waist belt. Pants are previously used (second-hand).

An excellent example of front-line tailors' work. Older soldiers, non-commissioned officers, and officers ordered similar trousers privately.

How to choose your size?

To measure the waist, you need a flexible meter or at least a rope. You can compare our measurements with any pants that you have and that fit you. We have only one size (presumably M-L or 50-52) with the following measurements:

• length along the side outer seam 107 cm;
• length along the side inner seam (to the fork) 70 cm;
• the waist circumference is 99 cm (it tapers by -10 cm).

Pants should first of all sit on a waist.