Field pants trousers 1940 used

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The model of trousers of 1940 was made of feldgrau fabric and was used by the Wehrmacht and the SS throughout the war. Lining - white cotton, steel and plastic buttons.

Pants were in use (second-hand), condition suitable for further use.

How to choose size?

The size of these trousers corresponds to the Russian size 48-50 or international S-M. To check the size, you should take other pants that suit you. It is necessary to measure the waist and length.

• The waist on these pants is high and at the level of the lower rib. Waist should be measured over the naked body with a flexible meter or rope. Pants have buckle at the back, it is normal to take pants with a margin of 5 cm at the waist. We do not recommend take the skin-fit waist! The slim clothes is pretty when the person is stay calm. For active movements and squats you should have a bit loosy pants' waist. The waist of these pants is 92 cm (maximum). Pants should sit on a waist first of all.
• The length from the fork to the bottom along the inner seam is 76 cm.
• The length at the outer seam (full length of the trousers) is 105 cm. Do not forget that the waist of these pants is much higher than the waist of modern jeans.

We have the only size of these pants. No others.