Dry meal / ration of the Red Army

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A reproduction of a dry ration of the Red Army.

• Stew (a little over 300 g in a jar). The basis is a similar can of modern stew, produced by an industrial firm, the inscription is put on the can according to the can supplied to the USSR from the USA by lend-lease (with the inscription ТYШОНКА). This was produced in New York, the original weight of 11.5 ounces.
• Pea cream soup, Glavmyaso, meat processing plant of the city of Engels (dilute with water and cook for 20 minutes on low heat, 200 g of soup is obtained).
• Concentrated millet porridge, Soybean plant of the city of Odessa (dilute in 200-300 g of water and cook for 10 minutes).
• 2 packs of sea biscuit "Military campaign" (200 g per pack), Narkomishcheprom of the USSR, Glavspirt. Taste: flavorless cookies.
• Georgian tea. Tea factory in the name of Lenin, Moscow. Inside - 50 grams of real Georgian tea (not Indian, not Chinese).

Total gross weight 1120 g.